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Using Flash Cards to Study for Your ASVAB When Time Is an Issue

If you are considering your career with the United States Armed Services, then you will be required to take the military version of an entrance exam called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB. In this article, I will show you how you can use flash cards to your advantage even if you have a schedule with no study time and are on a strict budget.

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The use of flash cards to study new material is a great way to save time because these can be studied anytime and anywhere. Picture this. You have a lot of information that you are trying to remember and you write them on little bits of paper. You keep these bits of paper in your pocket to refer to them throughout your day.

Then you go about your daily life assuming that you have no time to take out of your day for actual studying. Perhaps you wake up in the morning, go through your morning routine and commute to work.

As you are commuting to work, pull out three or four flash cards and just look at the information you see. Study them. Memorize them. Put the cards back in your pocket. As you are going about your work schedule, you can think about the material that you have studied on the little bits of paper.

When you take a snack break or a water break, pull out another card. Read the information and continue about your day. On your lunch break, same idea. As you’re waiting for your food, study a another one. After you finish eating, study a flash card. When you get back to your desk, study a flash card.

Throughout the day, you can find brief periods of five seconds here and there that you can pull out a flash card and look at the information. As you continue your regular routine, you can think about the information because you do not have to have the flash card in front of you to remember what you just read.

After work, you go home. Go through the same routine. You’re commuting, study a few more cards. You get home, study flash cards. In between doing chores, preparing dinner, playing with the kids, whatever it is, you will have time to glance at one card here or there.

By the end of the day, you’re probably exhausted having had zero breaks. However you will likely have gone through 10 or 20 flash cards in this manner and have essentially learned 30 – 60 minutes worth of study material without taking a single moment out of your day for studying.

If you continue this on a regular basis over the span of two weeks, you will have studied the equivalent of 5 – 10 hours without actually sitting down with a book. Now obviously you will have to sit down with an ASVAB book to study for your upcoming exam. However, your studies will be a lot more focused given that you already have the background of the information that you have studied from your flash cards.

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